Solenoid Magentic Field

A uniform magnetic field (with no fringing effects) is easy to input into SIMION via a mangetic PA file (e.g. p.2-10 of the SIMION 8.0 or 7.0 manual) or via an mfield_adjust segment in a user program attached to an empty magnetic PA file [1]. However, a real solenoid has fringing effects (non-uniform fields), especially near the two solenoid ends.

As of SIMION 8.0.3, calculation of magnetic fields from wire currents (including air-core solenoids) is supported via a Biot-Savart Law field calculation. See SIMION Example: solenoid

[1]Section L.26 of the SIMION 8.0 manual or p. I-28 of the SIMION 7.0 manual.

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