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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I127 [functional,resolved]
  Increase number of adjustable electrodes.
  SIMION 8.1.0 increases the number of adjustable electrode potentials
    to 1001 (# 0..1000).
  SIMION 8.0.0 increased the number of adjustable electrodes potentials
    to 128 (# 0..127).

  Note: rarely do you need this many adjustable electrodes.
  See Issue I172 for a way to reduce the number of adjustable electrodes
  (e.g. for resistor chains).
  See also

  == I\'ve been running Simion for sometime and one of the problems I
  keep having is the limited number of Fast Adjust Electrodes. For
  some of my models we struggle to create an accurate representation
  with only 30 Fast Adjust Electrodes. There is not a clear boundary
  in the models so \'Stitching\' two or more instances together is not
  really an option.  Is there a way around this or can this be
  implemented into later versions of Simion? Ideally we would want
  upto 80 or even more Fast Adjust Electrodes. -- mark, 2005-09-19

  - note: refined PA# are named with .PA? where ?=[0-9A-Z].
  - note: PA0 format relies somewhat on max of 32 (not 31?) adjustables.
  - note: IOB format seems like it might rely on fixed number of adjustables

  for adj_electxx variables, it may be more convient to use arrays
    rather than individual variables
    (see also suggestion for increasing number of potentials)

  2006-02-03 - Resolved in 7.1beta6.  See details in link above.

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