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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I172 [med,enhancement,resolved]
  Support for multiple fast proportional scalable electrodes.

  SIMION 8.0.3 ("TEST3") supports multiple fast proportional scalable
  electrodes (prior versions only supported one fast scalable
  electrode via electrode #0).  Fast proportional scalable electrodes
  can be useful for things like resistor chains or resistive material.
  One example of using two resistor chains is the ion funnel.

  For details on how multiple fast scalable electrodes can be set up
  and used, see the new "ionfunnel" example as well as the "Additional
  Fast Scalable Electrodes in SIMION 8.0.3" document referenced from

  Originally suggested by dennisc--20050922.
    Also--robs-2006-05-02 - call/email noting interest in this also.

  See also:
      - ion funnel discussion
      - fast scalable suggestion

  See also Issue I414 (Allow PA# electrode numbers to be non-sequential).

  Implemented in 8.0.3-TEST3.

    Issue I172.2 - Fixed problem where array with fast proportional
      scalable electrodes was not fast adjusted properly when loaded
      from an IOB file.

  To do: Issue I373 - Support fast scalables with offset

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