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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I299 [enhancement,high,resolved]
  New "--noprompt" command-line option to disable prompting in batch mode.

    On some occasions, SIMION will prompt the user during the
    simulation (e.g. the prompt "x out of y ions are inside
    electrodes, do you want to continue?"), causing the simulation to
    pause pending user input.  This can be problematic in batch mode,
    especially when the default prompt response can be given.

      ! PROMPT:
      10 of 20 particles created in electrodes, beyond volume,
      or with parameters out of range.
      Fly remaining particles anyway? (Y=YES,N=NO) [Y]

    Therefore, a new --noprompt command-line option has been added
    as shown:

      simion --nogui --noprompt fly test.iob

    --noprompt requires that --nogui be specified as well.  When
    --noprompt is specified, the default option (shown in square
    brackets, [Y]) is selected without waiting for the user.

    Some previous reports by users are given below.

  Reported by dennisc - 2005-11-03
    When loading e.g. 500,000 trajectories created in another
    application, sometimes I create 1 or 2 that are "Created In
    Electrodes or Beyond Volume, Fly Remaining Ions Anyway" Would be
    nice to know which are the offending trajectories, even more to
    have an automatic option to ignore this warning and just go ahead.
    (if running in batch mode, don't want user interaction here.
    Previous versions of SIMION did not have this warning!

  Reported by danr-2006-12-21.
    If running a batch job, SIMION will pause and bring up a dialog 
    box stating "xxx out of yyy ions are inside electrodes, do you want 
    to continue?", which of course defeats the ability to run a batch
    job unattended.

  Note by davidm-2006-12-21: a user program can set ion_splat to 0 to
    prevent ion splatting when passing through electrodes, but this DOES
    NOT work if ions originate in electrodes.  An alternate workaround
    for that is to convert the relevant electrode points to
    non-electrode points in the *refined* array (but be sure not to
    re-refine).  This can be done using the Find/Replace function in
    Modify with the "Change only type" option enabled.  Now, the fields
    are identical (since you did not re-refine), but the ions don't
    splat in that volume (since there are only non-electrodes).

  Update 8.0.5-TEST27:
    Before user is first prompted in batch mode, display
    message that "--noprompt" command-line option can be used.
    Also add new "!" option to disable further prompts at
    runtime [r27]  Updates Issue I299.

  Affects 8.0.0. Resolved in 8.0.1.

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