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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I363 [80,pa,limit,high,resolved]
  --reserved-memory command-line option

  Allocating PAs of size 1-2 GB may require using the "--reserved-memory"
  command line option.  See and the
  manual for details.  This option was added in 8.0.0.

  Update 8.0.3 and sltools 1.1.1:
    Increase SL Tools and SL Libraries from 50 million
             (SIMION 7) to 200 million (SIMION 8).
             New command-line option (e.g. --reserved-memory=1.8G)
    Reported by Rajaat-20070213
      SL Tools and SL Libraries were set to the 50 million point limit
      of SIMION 7 rather than the 200 million point limit of SIMION 8.

      This is now resolved in SL Tools (sltools.exe) version 1.1.1.
      HOWEVER, like in SIMION 8 itself, to fully utilize the largest
      arrays, you need to pass sltools.exe the "--reserved-memory"
      command line option (e.g. "sltools --reserved-memory=1.8G").
      (simion.exe version 8.0.3 forwards that
      option automatically if it is itself is passed that option.)

      Affects: 8.0.0-8.0.2.  Resolved in 8.0.3 (sltools 1.1.1).
        Patch sltools.exe is currently online (sltools 1.1.1-TEST2)

  Update 8.0.5-TEST27:
    Electrode solution arrays for .PA0 files are now loaded into the reserved
    memory pool (when the "--reserved-memory" command-line option enabled).
    Previously, they were always loaded into the standard memory pool.
    Therefore, fast adjusting .PA0 files in user programs might not have been
    able to take full advantage of reserved memory.

  Update 8.0.5-TEST28:
    Fix crash/leak on failure to allocate from reserved memory.
    One problem can be reproduced by opening up maybe four instances of SIMION
    using the "--reserved-memory=1.8G" option and attempting to allocate
    150 million point arrays in each, in which case even virtual memory
    will be exhausted.
    Alternately, terminating PA on load might cause leak.
    Crash report 20081024
      Address=471D2E; Code=C0000005; String=ACCESS_VIOLATION
      Version=8.0.5-TEST27-nosse2; Free Mem=5.94922 MB; Level=0; Address=471D2E; 
    Fixed in 8.0.5-TEST28.

  See also Issue I518 - Access memory dump (simion.debug.memory_dump)

  Resolved in 8.0.0.

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