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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I518 [programming,81,enhancement]
  Access memory dump (simion.debug.memory_dump)

  As of 8.1 early access mode (Issue I421), under 8.0.5-TEST28,
  a dump of memory usage can be displayed.  Enter these two
  lines into the bottom SIMION command bar:


  It will display something like this in the Log:

    -- Note: Values are in megabytes.  "all" is all virtual memory (physical
    -- RAM + on-disk page-file) on this system. "physical" is only physical RAM
    -- memory on this system. "virtual" is virtual address space in THIS
    -- PROCESS. "virtual reserved" is a contiguous (unfragmented) block of the
    -- virtual address space specially reserved via the --reserved-memory
    -- command-line option for large objects. Memory blocks used by or reserved
    -- for large objects are listed. For optimal performance, don't exhaust
    -- physical RAM. Per-process address space may be smaller than system memory
    -- and vice-versa.
    memory_dump = {
      all_size = 4961.57, all_free = 3661.70,
      physical_size = 3071.00, physical_free = 2110.12,
      virtual_size = 2047.88, virtual_free = 168.59,
      virtual_reserved_size = 1843.20, virtual_reserved_free = 1366.36,
      blocks = {
        {first=14.31, last=395.79, size=381.47, state="used"},
        {first=395.79, last=491.16, size=95.37, state="used"},
        {first=491.16, last=1857.52, size=1366.36, state="reserved"},
      blocks_used = 476.84

  You can use this to understand SIMION memory usage, particularly
  for large objects (potential arrays).

  Implemented in 8.1 early access (8.0.5-TEST28).

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