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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I452.2 [80,prog,81,enhancement,partlyresolved]
  New sim_repulsion_amount reserved variable.

  The "repulsion amount" used in SIMION's charge repulsion features is
  not currently controllable via a workbench user program (though
  there is a "--repulsion-amount" option to the "fly" command when
  running in batch mode -- see Appendix M of the manual).

  However, in 8.0.5-TEST15 (8.1 early access mode--Issue I421), a new
  "sim_repulsion_amount" variable is available that allows the
  repulsion amount to be read and written.  Reading is allowed in all
  segments.  Writing is allowed in the initialize, other_actions, and
  terminate segments and at the top-level.

  Requested by pegc-20080331

  ALSO NOTE: controlling repulsion type via a user program? 
  e.g. none/beam/coul./factor.  This is related to programmatic
  control of the Grouped option that will be an 8.1 mode feature.  

  Added in 8.1 early access mode (8.0.5-TEST15).

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