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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I421 [enhancement,resolved]
  New "early access" mode for accessing 8.1 (or 9.0?) features.

  The production release of the next version of SIMION, i.e. 8.1,
  is in development; in fact, the 8.0.x updates are still very
  much in development.  However, a few version 8.1 features are
  currently implemented and can be tried out now by placing SIMION
  8.0.x in "early access" mode.

  To enable early access mode, you must have the latest "development
  version" of simion.exe (downloadable from the "Check for Updates"
  button on the SIMION 8.0 main screen).  "Release versions" will not
  work.  Then enter the following into the bottom SIMION command bar
  to enabled 8.1 features:


  The details of the 8.1 version of SIMION are still very much
  subject to change, but the 8.1 version is
  currently planned to be an upgrade that can be purchased
  and will come with free 8.1.x updates.  8.0 users are
  being provided free access to the early access software until the
  formal release of the 8.1 version (after which 8.0 users can
  purchase the upgrade for continued use of the these early access

  Implemented in 8.0.4-TEST7/8.0.5-TEST.

  The following 8.1 features are already implemented:

    - Issue I422 - Manipulating PAs from Lua inside SIMION
    - Issue I496 - Manipulating workbenches from Lua in SIMION
    - Issue I498 - Resize SIMION window programatically.
    - Issue I243 - Manipulate/save/load View display programmatically
                   (may be delayed to 8.2)
    - Issue I518 - Access memory dump.
    - Issue I521 - New simion.print_screen() function to print current image.
    - Issue I564 - Programatically draw 3D lines on View screen
    - If GUI enabled, "fly" batch mode command (Issue I182) runs in View screen.
    - Issue I523 - Printing to BMP, PNG, and JPG files now supported.
    - Issue I482 - Poisson solver (enhancement to Refine to take
      space-charge arrays)
    - Issue I503 - Fast Parallel .PA# refines (one solution per CPU core)
    - Issue I452.2 - New sim_repulsion_amount reserved variable.
    - Issue I452.3 - New ion_effective_charge reserved variable.
    Data Recording
    - Issue I231 - Allow splitting data recording output into
                   multiple files.
    - Issue I502 - New Bradbury-Nielson Grid example ("bradbury_nielson_grid")
    - Issue I499 - New induced current/charge example ("electrostatic_induction")
    - Issue I515 - PA instance jumping trick example ("nonideal_grid/pa_jump")

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