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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I468 [feature,resolved]
  Improve responsiveness on PA load/save (Asynchronous I/O).

  Prior to 8.0.5-TEST1, the SIMION GUI would freeze and not respond to
  events while a large PA was loading or saving (which can be over a
  minute for large PAs stored on a remote network share), and it was
  not possible to cancel the load/save other than by terminating
  the process.

  Reported by tbraun-20080116

  In 8.0.5, SIMION responds to events while PA loading/saving occurs,
  and the operation can be aborted by pressing the ESC key.

  See also OS X CrossOver note in Issue I463.

  Implemented in 8.0.5-TEST1.

  Update: 8.0.5-TEST29:
    Load PA files without applying read lock.  Previous 8.0.5
      versions had a read lock preventing two SIMION processes loading the same PA
    Confirm any cancel requests (ESC key) by user.
    Also, possibly improved error checking.

  Update: 8.0.5-TEST30:
    Fixed freeze on PA load/save, particularly under Win2K and Wine/Linux,
    though also could occur on XP (selecting "Help|Browse Documentation"
    menu item when loading PA).
    Reported by glync-20081124
  Update 8.0.6-TEST10:
    Issue I558 fixes slowness introduced in 8.0.6-TEST8.
      "simion.debug.allow_asynchronous_io=false" can now be used to
      disable asynchronous I/O for debugging purposes.
  See also - Issue I560.

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