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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I513 [enhancement,resolved]
  Allow workbench size to be non-integral or smaller than 1 mm^3.

  Prior to 8.1 early access mode (8.0.5-TEST26), workbench dimensions were
  forced to be integers in units of mm.  This sometimes caused empty space
  around arrays even after minimizing the workbench ("Min" button on
  "Workbench" tab).  This also implied a minimum workbench size of 1 mm^3,
  which could be bothersome when modeling, say, a portion of a nanoscale field
  emitter.  A workaround, for the purpose of viewing, was to 3D zoom ("+Z3D")
  into a volume smaller than 1 mm^3.

  As of 8.1 early access mode (8.0.5-TEST26), the workbench dimensions can be
  non-integral.  This affects the Workbench tab in View and the IOB file
  format.  (Early access mode is described in Issue I421.  You should
  preferrably place SIMION in early access mode prior to loading/saving the

  WARNING: At the submicrometer inter-electrode distances, the Casimir
  effect[1] can become significant.


  Compatibility note: IOB files with non-integral workbench sizes likely will
  load in earlier versions of SIMION though might give minor error messages
  upon attempts to further adjust the workbench size.

  Suggested by pypdjl-20081010-

  Implemented in 8.1 early access mode (8.0.5-TEST26).

  See also Issue I478.

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