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The SIMION SL™ Toolkit (version 1.2.0 - 2004-07-19)
[.] - SIMION SL Toolkit
[bin] - Executable programs. Here's you'll find the SL Compiler (sl.exe) and the SL Tools (sltools.exe)
[build] - Files used in building the SL tools and documentation. These files are typically not used by end-users.
[docs] - Documentation
[examples] - Example files
[lib] - SL Libraries library files
[system] - SL System. Includes Perl and VIM.
[user] - Directory specifically for files belonging to the user, not to SL.
FILES.xml - Description of files in this directory (XML).
GNUmakefile - Top-level project makefile.
PROJECT.txt - Project-wide parameters such as version information.
README.html - Main README documentation file for SL.

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