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SIMION 8 Demo Version

This is a demo version of SIMION 8.x.


To use this demo, download and save this ZIP file to any location on your hard disk. Extract the ZIP file and run the program "simiondemo.exe" contained inside it. Instructions on using the demo will display in your web browser. When done with the demo, you can just delete the folder.

In brief, the examples are the ".iob" files in the "examples" folder. To load an example, first unload any existing example (exit/quit back to the main screen and click "Remove all PAs from RAM"). click "View" and select an IOB file to load, and then click the Fly'm button to fly particles. See the "README.html" file in each example for more details.

Limitations: The demo has limitations in saving and refining your own geometries, and is mostly useful for exploring the user interface and trying out a few of the existing examples. but it does not include all the features. The full manual is not included in the demo, but you can read the first two chapters online.

Here's also some helpful starting points:

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