Movie Files

Is it possible to create a short movie file of a SIMION simulation for display in PowerPoint or elsewhere?

For movies, you’ll likely need other software:

  • DebugMode Wink is a free program that works well. It can generate Flash screencasts as shown on SIMION Screencasts. Other options are in Screencasting for Windows. Techsmith products like Snaggit [*a] and Camtasia also work well.

  • Use a digital camera to capture a movie of your computer screen (reported to work acceptably albeit ad hoc) [*b] or use a video capture card to record coming out of your video card.

  • For still pictures, use CTRL+PrintScreen to copy the graphics to the Windows clipboard. SIMION can also export directly for a Windows Metafile or to a printer if you need high resolution.

  • There is a new simion.print_screen() function in SIMION 8.1 that may be useful here. See SIMION Example: geometry_optimization (Issue-I521):

    simion.printer.type = 'png'  -- 'bmp', 'png', 'jpg'
    simion.printer.filename = 'output/result_' .. dx .. '.png'
    simion.printer.scale = 1

SIMION 8.1 has a simion.print_screen() function, which can capture the current graphical view to a file from a user program. See SIMION Example: geometry_optimize (version 20090217 or later).

(*a - sbaruah, *b - desmond k)