The SIMION SL™ Toolkit [1] is a third-party add-on package for SIMION 6 or 7. It provides additional functions external to SIMION that extend SIMION’s user programming and potential array manipulation capabilities, such as the SL compiler and CAD model import. Full documentation is available online. Version 1.0 was released in December 2003, Version 1.2 was released in July 2004, and there have been further updates since. Updates can be downloaded from

The SIMION SL Toolkit was developed by Adaptas Solutions, LLC (Adaptas) prior to taking over SIMION development. Relevant portions of the SIMION SL Toolkit have since been incorporated into SIMION 8. SIMION 8 users do not need to purchase the SL Toolkit. The SL Toolkit (and SIMION 7) is still supported for SIMION 6 and 7 users, though it is not as actively expanded with major new functionality, which will usually goes only into SIMION 8. Some existing functionality is still being expanded in the SL Toolkit though–e.g. major improvements in 3D viewing of PA/STL files were added in May 2006 to both the SL Tools and SIMION 8beta.