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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I231 [feature,partiallyresolved]
  Allow splitting data recording output into multiple files.

  The following feature requires SIMION version 8.1 beta (or
  8.0.5-TEST34-TEST or above running in early access mode - see Issue I421).

  Data recording output can now be split into different files, one per
  re-run.  In the Data Recording "Output File" field, include the
  variable substitution "$(ion_run)" anywhere in the output file name.
  Alternately, just click just click the "separate file per rerun"
  check box, which will add this variable automatically.

  For example,


  If you do that in the "tune" example, which does 15 re-runs, it
  will output 15 files:

    out-1.txt, out-2.txt, ..., out-15.txt

  Beware that data recording is disabled if the "Rerun" checkbox
  is enabled upon the start of a Run (Issue I489).

  Suggested by

  Possible extension:
    Reported by theo-20060930
    Add data recording option to split output into multiple files,
    one per event.

  Added in 8.1 early access (8.0.5-TEST34).
  8.1.0-TEST11 - fix warning about early access

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