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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I402 [examples,enhancement,resolved]
  New examples.

  These examples were added in 8.0.3:
    ims - ion mobility (IMS) example
    ionfunnel - ion funnel example
    hda - hemispherical deflection analyzer example,
      which includes simplex optimization and Excel surface plotting.
    solenoid - solenoid magnetic field Biot-Savart example
    field_array - loading magnetic field array from ASCII data file example
    child_particles - multiple child particles example
    collision_sds - SDS atmospheric pressure collision model.
    Documentation on the quad example in particular (and others) was

  These examples were added in 8.0.4:
    Issue I428 - New charge repulsion examples ("repulsion")
    Issue I439 - New RF octupole ion guide example - examples/octupole.
    Issue I442 - New lens property examples.
    Issue I460 - Updated gauss_law example [r21]

  These examples were added in 8.0.5:
    Issue I484 - New example: Particle Teleportation across multiple
      SIMION processes ("multiprocess")
    Issue I221.2 - New example: Applies user program to record data on
      multiple non-orthogonal test planes ("test_plane")
    Issue I178.2 - New field lines/vector plotting example ("contour")
    Issue I515 - PA instance jumping trick example added
    20090829 - Added ionfunnel\funnel3.iob example
      (more convenient to adjust voltages).

  Early access mode:
    Issue I499 - New induced current/charge example ("electrostatic_induction")
    Issue I502 - New  Bradbury-Nielson Grid example ("bradbury_nielson_grid")
    Issue I515 - PA instance jumping trick example added ("nonideal_grid/pa_jump")

  Implemented in 8.0.3/8.0.4.

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