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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I485 [resolved,critical,prg,804,resolved]
  ion_charge and ion_cwf variables broken in PRG

  In versions 8.0.4-TEST19 to 8.0.5-TEST7, ion_charge and ion_cwf
  variables are broken when accessed in PRG or the PRG debugger (but
  they are fine in Lua).  Reading typically returns 0 and writing has
  no effect.

  Implementation details: This was caused by the following changes
  made in 8.0.4-TEST19.  The new functional access method to reserved
  variables was not implemented in PRG.

    Issue I453 - Modifying ion_charge can cause charge repulsion
                 effects to be wrong.
    Issue I452 - Add charge weighting factor (CWF) to Data Recording
                 output and add new ion_cwf reserved variable.
  Also see Issue I370.1 - sim_trajectory_quality variable now available
  in PRG too.

  Reported by muhui-20080310.  test:t6.

  Affects 8.0.4-TEST19 to 8.0.5-TEST7.
  Resolved in 8.0.5-TEST8.

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