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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I529 [enhancement,resolved]
  New "ion_run" reserved variable.

  A new "ion_run" reserved variable can be used in user programs.
  This is the current run number (integer >= 1).
  It is incremented on each rerun.  It is readable in all segments
  and writable in none.


    function segment.initialize()
      print('run number=', ion_run)

  This variable is available in 8.1 early access mode (see Issue I421).

  The ion_run variable can also be used in the data recording output file
  (see Issue I231).

  A workaround for earlier versions:


    local nrun = 0
    function segment.initialize()
      if ion_number == 1 then nrun = nrun + 1 end
      print('run number=', nrun)
    -- warning: above assumes initialize segment is called
    -- for ion number 1 (requires that ion be created inside
    -- a potential array instance).

  Added in 8.1 (8.0.5-TEST34 - early access).

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