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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I564 [feature,gui,resolved,experimental]
  Programatically draw 3D lines on View screen
  Note: The following feature requires SIMION version 8.1 beta (or
  a development version of 8.0 running in early access mode - see Issue I421).

    x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2, v1, v2, color1, color2, mark)

  This new function plots a 3D line segment using the same mechanism that SIMION
  uses to draw trajectories.  The given line segment is immediately drawn on
  the View screen GUI (if trajectory viewing or GUI mode is not suppressed)
  and/or written to any trajectory file (trj*.tmp or .kept_traj) for future re-display
  (if trajectory retaining is not suppressed).  You may use this function to plot
  trajectories calculated outside of SIMION or simply to draw lines on the screen
  (applications include drawing custom field/contour lines and drawing boundaries
  of otherwise invisible objects like gas flow arrays).

  For details, download the SIMION electronic documentation
  (simion8-docs-*.zip) version 2010-12-15 or above
  (and see the contained "docs\lua_simion.experimental.html" file).

  The trick of using particle trajectories to trace out contour/field lines
  (Issue I178.2 - "New field lines/vector plotting example ('contour')") is
  inferior to this approach and now largely obsolete.

  There currently are not many examples of using this, other than
  the FAIMS example version 20101216.

  Implemented in 8.1 early access (8.0.6-TEST10)
  Update 2010-12-24 (8.1 early access (8.0.6-TEST11)):
    fix to allow this to be used inside initialize segments.

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