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SIMION SL™ Toolkit: Installation

The SIMION SL™ Toolkit (version - 2004-11-09)

(c) 2003-2004 Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. Created November 2003 by David Manura. Updated $Date: 2004/07/20 03:41:34 $.


This document describes how to install and uninstall the SL Toolkit.


Here's a quick summary of the installation steps:

(1) Check for updates:

First, check the SL web site ( to see whether an updated version of the SIMION SL Toolkit is available. Licensed users of SL are entitled to download all minor release updates (1.x versions) to the SIMION SL Toolkit. To download, you will need to provide your SL license key, which is located after the text ``LICENCE_KEY='' in your PROJECT.txt file .

(2) Extract the software:

The SL software is distributed as either a zipped executable (sl-xxx.exe) or as a CD disk.

If you have the zipped executable (sl-xxx.exe)...
In Windows Explorer, copy the SL distribution file (sl-xxx.exe) to any location on your hard disk into which you wish to install SL. The recommended location is your SIMION program folder (typically ``c:\sim7''). Then double click the sl-xxx.exe file to run it. This will extract the SL program files into a new ``sl'' subdirectory (e.g. ``c:\sim7\sl'').

If you have a CD disk...
In Windows Explorer, copy the ``sl'' folder on the CD into any location on your hard disk. The recommended location is your SIMION program folder (typically ``c:\sim7''), in which case SL will be located at ``c:\sim7\sl''.

(3) Install the software:

In the ``C:\sim7\sl\bin'' directory, double click the ``slsetup.exe'' file to run it, then type ``i'' (for install) followed by the Enter key; This will register Windows file system associations for the SL Compiler, SL Tools and SL Editor. SL is now installed.

The Details

For those who want to know the full details of what just happened, here they are (otherwise skip this).

Extracting the files.

The the SL distribution file (``sl-xxx.exe'') is a self-extracting ZIP executable. Upon running it, the program extracts the SL program files into a ``sl'' subdirectory of the current directory. If desired, you may move the SL program file directory anywhere you wish. SL requires about 45 MB of disk space, most of which due to the Perl programming language (in the perl subdirectory) that SL depends on and which is included with the SL for your convenience. SL itself is fairly small.


The slsetup.exe registers SL into your system so that the SL Compiler, SL Tools, and SL Editor may be accessed easilly from Windows Explorer This involves the following.

SL Compiler: ``*.sl'' file associations are set up. Whenever you right click on a file with the file name extension ``sl'' within Windows Explorer, the pop-up menu will display a new command ``SIMION: Compile'' that will allow you to immediately compile that file. ``SIMION: Edit'' will bring up the file in a text editor for editing.

SL Editor: ``*.sl;*.prg;*.gem;*.patxt'' file associations are set up to open these files in a text editor (default is the VIM text editor).

SL Toolkit: ``*.stl;*.stla;*.bmp;*.png;*.gif;*.pnm;*.pa;*.pa?'' file associations are set up to open these files in the SL Tools utility. This is provided as an additional menu item (SIMION SL Toolkit Functions) and does not affect any file associations that may already exist for these file types.

If missing, your license key and info will be requested and updated in the PROJECTS.txt file.

Caveats (Moving the Program Folder)

If you ever move the SL program directory, then the slsetup.exe should be rerun to update your system links. It is not necessary to uninstall before reinstalling.

Command-line (Advanced)

Some users may wish to invoke the SL Compiler or SL Tools from the command-line. To do so, append the ``c:\sim7\sl\bin'' directory (or wherever this directory is located on your system) to your system PATH environment variable. These are multiple ways to do this and the details depend a little on the version of your operating system. The easiest way is usually from the Windows Control Panel (located on the Start menu of the Windows taskbar) | System | Advanced | Environment Variables | System Variables. Do search on the Internet for something like ``windows environment variable PATH'' for details.


To uninstall SL, optionally double click the ``slsetup.exe'' program in your SL bin folder (typically ``c:\sim7\sl\bin) to clean up the registry. Then simply delete your SL folder.

More Information

Now that you have installed SL, you can learn how to run the SL compiler in the Tutorial (compiler_tut.html). If you need installation assistance, please contact SIS (ATTN: David Manura as of 2004).

The SIMION SL Toolkit™ and documentation is (c) 2003-2004 Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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The SL Tookit™ and documentation is (c) 2003 Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.