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SL Remote

The SIMION SL™ Toolkit (version - 2004-11-09)

SL Remote, part of SL Libraries, allows you to call custom C++ subroutines in a remotely running C++ program from SL code during the simulation.

Caveats: You might wish to use SL Remote if you need the full power of C++ but can afford the extra communication overhead from the remote procedure call. Although a single remote call takes much less than a second, and the actual execution of the C++ code may be even faster than SL code, performing many calls (e.g. multiple calls per time step on every ion) can add up to a noticable performance decrease, so it is best to keep the number of remote calls to a minimum.

To use SL Remote, you must include the "remote.h" header file in your C++ code and compile "remote.cpp" into the same executable. See the examples for details.

Resources: Examples (see the C++ versions):
  • buncher - Control a buncher lens (SL and C++ versions)
  • quad - Control a quadrupole (SL and C++ versions)
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The SL Tookit™ and documentation is (c) 2003 Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.