Early Access Mode

NOTE: 8.2 early access features have been moved to SIMION® 8.2. This page is outdated.

SIMION Early Access Mode - Preview upcoming SIMION 8.2 features.

Accessing upcomming SIMION 8.2 features in SIMION 8.1

Our “early access” program enables SIMION 8.1 user to preview a some features in development for the next major SIMION upgrade, which we’ll tentatively refer to here as SIMION 8.2 (discussed in SIMION® Roadmap (8.2 and Beyond)). You can do this by downloading the latest “early access” release of SIMION and placing it in “early access mode”.

First, be sure to download/install the latest early access release of SIMION from the “Check for Updates” button on the SIMION 8.1 main screen to ensure you have the latest implementation of these new features. Then enter the following into the bottom SIMION command bar to enable early access mode with 8.2 features:


(You can alternately include that in a workbench user program or SIMION startup program.)

Release Policy: Early access mode will remain available until a few months after the official 8.2 upgrade is available for purchase. Early access mode in an individual early access/TEST version will expire a few months after being posted, so you will subsequently need to download newer early access version to continue using these features. You are encouraged to download new early access versions as soon as they are available. This allows us to get feedback on these new features and ensures you can use the new features uninterrupted. A similar process was done in the 8.0 to 8.1 transition.

Please note that as of this writing (May 2013), 8.1.x releases will remain in active development for some time, but a small number of 8.2 released features are now available for preview. See SIMION® Roadmap (8.2 and Beyond) for plans.

SIMION 8.0 notes

In SIMION 8.0, early access mode is deprecated and no longer used. You can upgrade to SIMION® 8.1 to access these features. After doing so, you should remove simion.early_access() statements from your programs.

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