SL Tools

SL Tools (sltools.exe) is a utility included in SIMION 8.0 and previously included in the SIMION SL Toolkit. It is intended for viewing, manipulating, and converting to/from PA files. Conversions include importing/exporting PAs to/from CAD (STL), bitmap, and ASCII text formats:

  • Convert 3D CAD (STL) files from your favorite CAD package to/from 3D SIMION PA files.
  • Convert 2D bitmap images to/from 2D SIMION PA files.
  • Extract/Import potential and potential gradient (i.e. field) maps as ASCII text files to/from refined PA files.
  • Quickly view PA and STL files from Windows Explorer (OpenGL viewer).

Fig. 21 Figure: 3D cut-away view of ion-trap PA file.


Fig. 22 Figure: Conversion of STL file to PA file.