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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I182 [batch,resolved]
  command-line operation.

  Batch mode command-line operation was added in 8.0.0 as
  described in Appendix M of the SIMION 8.0 manual.

  The following changes were made after 8.0.0 and are not described
  in the 8.0.0 manual.

    Issue I227 - Add "fly --restore-potentials=b" command-line option.

    Issue I255 - Loading IOB/PA files from Windows explorer file
                 associations or command-line.

    Issue I299 - New "--noprompt" command-line option to disable
                 prompting in batch mode.

    Issue I424 - New gem2pa and refine command line options to
                 override pa_define

    Issue I458 - New "--temp-path" command-line option for modifying
                 default path for temporary files.

  A full list is available of command options can be obtained as follows.

    To display top-level options/commands (for SIMION startup):

      simion.exe --help

    To display options on a specific command (e.g. refine), place the
    command name before it:

      simion.exe refine --help

    The latter are also available from the SIMION command bar by entering

      simion.command("refine --help")

  Related issues:

    Issue I363 - New command-line option (e.g. --reserved-memory=1.8G)
                 for sltools.exe

  Older history:
    2006-06-07 - kenn mentioned at ASMS2006 interest in
     command-line operation
     for geometry optimization.
    2006-06-07 - ignacio also interested in GEM optimization
      at ASMS2006.

  Resolved in 8.0.0 (and previous betas).

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