This page is abridged from the full SIMION 8.1.1 "Supplemental Documentation" (Help file). The following additional sections can be found in the full version of this page accessible via the "Help > Supplemental Documentation" menu in SIMION 8.1.1:
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The bottom of this page contains many screenshots from SIMION 8. Additional screenshots (mostly from SIMION 7) are in the below links. Email us with any screenshots you’d wish to add.


SIMION main menu.


Opening file (note: the GUI File Manager of SIMION 7 is history).


SIMION Modify geometry screen showing exit section of quadrupole.


SIMION Modify geometry screen showing ion trap.


Geometry file (GEM) compilation.


SL Tools utility with CAD conversion and PA import/export functions.


Fast adjust voltages on electrodes.


Refining potential array.


Cut inside quadrupole to see trajectories.


Workbench definition size.


List of PA instances in workbench.


Potential energy surface.


Particle flying.


Define particle initial conditions.


More complex example of defining particle initial conditions.


Data recording screen.


Equipotential lines in quadrupole.


Potential energy surface of quadrupole.


Undulating potential energy surface of ion trap with ions flying as dots.


Time of flight example showing data recording results in Log window.


User adjustable variables in quadrupole example.


Image annotation screen (before printing).


Print/image export options screen.

For additional examples, refer to the SIMION Supplemental Documentation.