The field and particle trajectory simulator
Industry standard charged particle optics software
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SIMION v8.1.3.0-TEST posted.
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#simion.pas in simion.pas (Lua operator)
2D planar symmetry
64-bit, [1]
[n] in simion.pas (Lua operator)


_G (Lua module)
._G._G (Lua attribute)
._VERSION (Lua attribute)
.assert() (Lua function)
.collectgarbage() (Lua function)
.dofile() (Lua function)
.error() (Lua function)
.getfenv() (Lua function)
.getmetatable() (Lua function)
.ipairs() (Lua function)
.load() (Lua function)
.loadfile() (Lua function)
.loadstring() (Lua function)
.next() (Lua function)
.pairs() (Lua function)
.pcall() (Lua function)
.print() (Lua function)
.rawequal() (Lua function)
.rawget() (Lua function)
.rawset() (Lua function)
.select() (Lua function)
.setfenv() (Lua function)
.setmetatable() (Lua function)
.tonumber() (Lua function)
.tostring() (Lua function)
.type() (Lua function)
.unpack() (Lua function)
.xpcall() (Lua function)
_G._G in _G (Lua attribute)
_VERSION in _G (Lua attribute)


aberrations in lenses
abs() in math (Lua function)
acos() in math (Lua function)
add_particles() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
(Lua variable)
adj_elect00 - adj_elect1000 (Lua variable)
adj_elect1000 in adj_elect00 - (Lua variable)
(Lua variable)
adj_pole00 - adj_pole1000 (Lua variable)
adj_pole1000 in adj_pole00 - (Lua variable)
adjustable variables
advances in SIMION
Amazon EC2
Ampere's law
angle_rand() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
anisotropic scaling in PAs
antimirroring in PAs
application programming interface
array in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
array_max() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
array_mean() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
array_mean_and_variance() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
array_min() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
array_stdev() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
array_variance() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
asin() in math (Lua function)
assert() in _G (Lua function)
atan() in math (Lua function)
atan2() in math (Lua function)
AVOGADRO_MOL in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
az in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
azimuth_rotate() in simion (Lua function)


base library (Lua)
beep() in simion (Lua function)
bessel functions
bessel_i0() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_i1() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_j0() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_j0_zero() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_j1() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_jn() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_k0() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_k1() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_y0() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_y1() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
bessel_yn() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
beta version
bfield in fa (Lua variable)
bfield() in simion.wb (Lua method)
bfield_of_scalar() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
binary_import() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
binary_pack() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
binary_unpack() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
Biot-Savart calculations
Biot-Savart Law
BOLTZMANN_EV_K in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
BOLTZMANN_J_K in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
boolean in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
bounds in simion.wb (Lua attribute)
box() in simionx.Integration (Lua function)
box_filled() in simionx.Integration (Lua function)
bpotential() in simion.wb (Lua method)
byte() in string (Lua function)


PA library
SL Libraries
CachedField() in simionx.CachedField (Lua constructor)
CAD import
calculation time, [1]
callable in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
calling external programs
can_draw in simionx.MField (Lua attribute)
capacitance calculations
Cardinal Points
Cauchy distribution
ceil() in math (Lua function)
CFD, [1]
change log
char() in string (Lua function)
charge repulsion
charge weighting factor
charge-capacitance calculations
charge_from_field_energy() in simionx.FieldAnalysis (Lua function)
charge_from_field_energy_display() in simionx.FieldAnalysis (Lua function)
charge_from_gauss_law() in simionx.FieldAnalysis (Lua function)
charge_from_gauss_law_display() in simionx.FieldAnalysis (Lua function)
check() in simionx.Type T (Lua method)
child particles
circle2d() in simionx.Integration (Lua function)
circle2d_filled() in simionx.Integration (Lua function)
clear() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
click() in simion (Lua function)
clock() in os (Lua function)
close() in io (Lua function)
close() in io file (Lua method)
close() in simion.pas (Lua method)
close() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
collectgarbage() in _G (Lua function)
collision model
hard sphere
combined_field() in simionx.MField (Lua function)
command() in simion (Lua function)
command-line interface
computational fluid dynamics, [1]
concat() in table (Lua function)
constants physical
contour gradient
contour_color_instance() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
drawing in only some PAs.
convert_to_pas() in simionx.FieldArray fa (Lua method)
cookbook for Lua
coordinate system
copy() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
coroutine (Lua module)
.create() (Lua function)
.resume() (Lua function)
.running() (Lua function)
.status() (Lua function)
.wrap() (Lua function)
.yield() (Lua function)
cos() in math (Lua function)
cosh() in math (Lua function)
Coulomb's Law
cpath in package (Lua attribute)
create() in coroutine (Lua function)
crop() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
CrossOver Mac
CSV file
curl in fa (Lua variable)
current density
cylindrical mirror analyzer


data import/export
data recording, [1]
same line
date() in os (Lua function)
DC turning quadrupole
debug (Lua module)
.debug() (Lua function)
.getfenv() (Lua function)
.gethook() (Lua function)
.getinfo() (Lua function)
.getlocal() (Lua function)
.getmetatable() (Lua function)
.getregistry() (Lua function)
.setfenv() (Lua function)
.sethook() (Lua function)
.setlocal() (Lua function)
.setmetatable() (Lua function)
.setupvalue() (Lua function)
.traceback() (Lua function)
debug library (Lua)
debug() in debug (Lua function)
deg() in math (Lua function)
demo tour
dialog() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
difftime() in os (Lua function)
Dirichlet boundary conditions
display in simion.experimental (Lua variable)
div in fa (Lua variable)
dofile() in _G (Lua function)
draw() in simionx.MField mfield (Lua method)
dump() in string (Lua function)
dx_mm in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
dy_mm in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
dz_mm in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)


early access (Lua)
early access mode
early_access() in simion (Lua function)
Earnshaw's theorem
editing text files
efield in fa (Lua variable)
efield() in simion.wb (Lua method)
efield_adjust in fa (Lua variable)
Einzel lens
el in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
electric arc
ELECTRIC_CONSTANT_F_M in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
electrode() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
electrode_numbers in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
electromagnetic shielding
electron gun
ELECTRON_CHARGE_C in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
ELECTRON_MASS_KG in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
ELECTRON_MASS_U in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
ELECTRON_VOLT_J in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
electrostatic induction
electrostatic trap
ELEMENTARY_CHARGE_C in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
elevation_rotate() in simion (Lua function)
elliptic functions
elliptic_e() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
elliptic_k() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
elliptic_ke() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
elliptic_rc() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
elliptic_rd() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
elliptic_rf() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
elliptic_rf0() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
elliptic_rg0() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
elliptic_rj() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
Emacs text editor
energy spectrum
engineering tolerance
epotential() in simion.wb (Lua method)
erf() in simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua function)
error() in _G (Lua function)
execute() in os (Lua function)
exit() in os (Lua function)
exp() in math (Lua function)


fa.bfield (Lua variable)
fa.curl (Lua variable)
fa.div (Lua variable)
fa.efield (Lua variable)
fa.efield_adjust (Lua variable)
fa.field (Lua variable)
fa.grad (Lua variable)
fa.mfield_adjust (Lua variable)
fa:refine() (Lua method)
fa:save() (Lua method)
Faraday's law of induction
fast adjust
fast fourier transform
fast scaling electrodes
fast_adjust / disable on IOB load
fast_adjust / init_p_values difference
fast_adjust multiple arrays
fast_adjust time reverses
fast_adjust() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
field analysis
field array library
field caching
field emission
field export
field import
field in fa (Lua variable)
field() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
field_array() in simion.experimental (Lua class)
field_energy() in simionx.FieldAnalysis (Lua function)
field_energy_display() in simionx.FieldAnalysis (Lua function)
field_vc() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
field_wc() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
FieldArray() in simionx.FieldArray (Lua constructor)
file compatibility
file/directory limit in 7.0
filename in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
filename in simion.printer (Lua attribute)
filename in simion.wb (Lua attribute)
filename in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
fill() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
find() in string (Lua function)
find_at() in simion.wb (Lua method)
first uniqueness theorem
floating conductors
flood_fill() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
floor() in math (Lua function)
flush() in io (Lua function)
flush() in io file (Lua method)
FLY file, [1]
(initial conditions)
FLY2 file
(initial conditions)
fly2 in simion (Lua attribute)
flym() in segment (Lua function)
fmod() in math (Lua function)
format() in string (Lua function)
frequently asked questions
frexp() in math (Lua function)
function in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)


gas, [1]
Gauss's Law, [1], [2]
Gauss's law, [1]
Gauss's Law for Magnetism, [1]
gaussian_rand() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
GEM file, [1]
gemrefine (Lua)
gemrefine() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
genetic algorithm
geometry file
geometry input methods
get() in simionx.FieldArray fa (Lua method)
getenv() in os (Lua function)
getfenv() in _G (Lua function)
getfenv() in debug (Lua function)
gethook() in debug (Lua function)
geti() in simionx.FieldArray fa (Lua method)
getinfo() in debug (Lua function)
getlocal() in debug (Lua function)
getmetatable() in _G (Lua function)
getmetatable() in debug (Lua function)
getregistry() in debug (Lua function)
gmatch() in string (Lua function)
grad in fa (Lua variable)
gradient contour
graphics card
grid scaling
grid scaling in PAs
grid units differ in Modify/View
ground can, [1]
ground chamber, [1]
gsub() in string (Lua function)
GUI dialog


hard sphere
collision model
Helmholtz coil
Helmholtz-Lagrange Law
hemispherical deflection analyzer
hoop() in simionx.MField (Lua function)
collision model


I/O library, I/O library (Lua)
ideal grid
image charge detection
image current detection
import() in simion (Lua function)
info documentation
initialize_run() in segment (Lua function)
input() in io (Lua function)
insert() in table (Lua function)
inside() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
inside_vc() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
inside_wc() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
instance_adjust() in segment (Lua function)
instances in simion.wb (Lua attribute)
integer in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
Monte Carlo
Intel MIC
Intel Phi
io (Lua module)
.close() (Lua function)
.flush() (Lua function)
.input() (Lua function)
.lines() (Lua function)
.open() (Lua function)
.output() (Lua function)
.popen() (Lua function)
.read() (Lua function)
.stderr (Lua attribute)
.stdin (Lua attribute)
.stdout (Lua attribute)
.tmpfile() (Lua function)
.type() (Lua function)
.write() (Lua function)
file:close() (Lua method)
file:flush() (Lua method)
file:lines() (Lua method)
file:read() (Lua method)
file:seek() (Lua method)
file:setvbuf() (Lua method)
file:write() (Lua method)
IOB file
ION file
(initial conditions)
ion gun
ion trap
Paul trap
Penning trap
ion-gas collisions
ion_ax_mm, ion_ay_mm, ion_az_mm (Lua variable)
ion_az_mm in ion_ax_mm, ion_ay_mm, (Lua variable)
ion_bfieldx_gu, ion_bfieldy_gu, ion_bfieldz_gu (Lua variable)
ion_bfieldx_mm, ion_bfieldy_mm, ion_bfieldz_mm (Lua variable)
ion_bfieldz_gu in ion_bfieldx_gu, ion_bfieldy_gu, (Lua variable)
ion_bfieldz_mm in ion_bfieldx_mm, ion_bfieldy_mm, (Lua variable)
ion_charge (Lua variable)
ion_color (Lua variable)
ion_cwf (Lua variable), [1]
ion_dvoltsx_gu, ion_dvoltsy_gu, ion_dvoltsz_gu (Lua variable)
ion_dvoltsx_mm, ion_dvoltsy_mm, ion_dvoltsz_mm (Lua variable)
ion_dvoltsz_gu in ion_dvoltsx_gu, ion_dvoltsy_gu, (Lua variable)
ion_dvoltsz_mm in ion_dvoltsx_mm, ion_dvoltsy_mm, (Lua variable)
ion_effective_charge (Lua variable)
(Lua variable)
ion_ke (Lua variable), [1]
ion_mass (Lua variable)
ion_mm_per_grid_unit (Lua variable)
ion_number (Lua variable)
ion_px_abs_gu, ion_py_abs_gu, ion_pz_abs_gu (Lua variable)
ion_px_gu, ion_py_gu, ion_pz_gu (Lua variable)
ion_px_mm, ion_py_mm, ion_pz_mm (Lua variable)
ion_pz_abs_gu in ion_px_abs_gu, ion_py_abs_gu, (Lua variable)
ion_pz_gu in ion_px_gu, ion_py_gu, (Lua variable)
ion_pz_mm in ion_px_mm, ion_py_mm, (Lua variable)
ion_run (Lua variable)
ion_splat (Lua variable)
ion_time_of_birth (Lua variable)
ion_time_of_flight (Lua variable)
ion_time_step (Lua variable)
ion_volts (Lua variable)
ion_vx_mm, ion_vy_mm, ion_vz_mm (Lua variable)
ion_vz_mm in ion_vx_mm, ion_vy_mm, (Lua variable)
ipairs() in _G (Lua function)
is() in simionx.Type T (Lua method)
is_array() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_boolean() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_callable() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_function() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_integer() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_negative_integer() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_negative_number() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_nil() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_nonnegative_integer() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_nonnegative_number() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_nonpositive_integer() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_nonpositive_number() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_nonzero_number_vector() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_number() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_number_array() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_number_vector() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_param_table() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_positive_integer() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_positive_number() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_simple_table() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_string() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_table() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_thread() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_userdata() in simionx.Type (Lua function)
is_vector() in simionx.Type (Lua function)


KE filter, [1]
ke_to_speed() in simion (Lua function)
key() in simion (Lua function)
Kingdon trap


Lambert cosine
Laplace assumptions
Laplace equation, [1]
Dirichlet boundary conditions
Neumann boundary conditions
current density
ldexp() in math (Lua function)
learning SIMION
len() in string (Lua function)
light optics
line drawing (Lua)
line() in simionx.Integration (Lua function)
line_segment() in simionx.MField (Lua function)
lines() in io (Lua function)
lines() in io file (Lua method)
particle optics
Linux, [1]
load() in _G (Lua function)
load() in segment (Lua function)
load() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
load() in simion.wb (Lua method)
loaded in package (Lua attribute)
loaders in package (Lua attribute)
loadfile() in _G (Lua function)
loadlib() in package (Lua function)
loadstring() in _G (Lua function)
loadx() in simion (Lua function)
log() in math (Lua function)
Lorentz distribution
Lorentz force law
lower() in string (Lua function)
Lua, [1], [2], [3]
I/O library, I/O library (Lua)
OS library
base library
debug library
experimental library
line drawing
math library
memory dump
package/module library, module library (Lua)
reference manual
string library
table library
workbench API
Lua executable
Lua programming language
lua_Alloc (C function)
lua_atpanic (C function)
lua_call (C function)
lua_CFunction (C type)
lua_checkstack (C function)
lua_close (C function)
lua_concat (C function)
lua_cpcall (C function)
lua_createtable (C function)
lua_Debug (C type)
lua_dump (C function)
lua_equal (C function)
lua_error (C function)
lua_gc (C function)
lua_getallocf (C function)
lua_getfenv (C function)
lua_getfield (C function)
lua_getglobal (C function)
lua_gethook (C function)
lua_gethookcount (C function)
lua_gethookmask (C function)
lua_getinfo (C function)
lua_getlocal (C function)
lua_getmetatable (C function)
lua_getstack (C function)
lua_gettable (C function)
lua_gettop (C function)
lua_getupvalue (C function)
lua_Hook (C type)
lua_insert (C function)
lua_Integer (C type)
lua_isboolean (C function)
lua_iscfunction (C function)
lua_isfunction (C function)
lua_islightuserdata (C function)
lua_isnil (C function)
lua_isnone (C function)
lua_isnoneornil (C function)
lua_isnumber (C function)
lua_isstring (C function)
lua_istable (C function)
lua_isthread (C function)
lua_isuserdata (C function)
lua_lessthan (C function)
lua_load (C function)
lua_newstate (C function)
lua_newtable (C function)
lua_newthread (C function)
lua_newuserdata (C function)
lua_next (C function)
lua_Number (C type)
lua_objlen (C function)
lua_pcall (C function)
lua_pop (C function)
lua_pushboolean (C function)
lua_pushcclosure (C function)
lua_pushcfunction (C function)
lua_pushfstring (C function)
lua_pushinteger (C function)
lua_pushlightuserdata (C function)
lua_pushliteral (C function)
lua_pushlstring (C function)
lua_pushnil (C function)
lua_pushnumber (C function)
lua_pushstring (C function)
lua_pushthread (C function)
lua_pushvalue (C function)
lua_pushvfstring (C function)
lua_rawequal (C function)
lua_rawget (C function)
lua_rawgeti (C function)
lua_rawset (C function)
lua_rawseti (C function)
lua_Reader (C type)
lua_register (C function)
lua_remove (C function)
lua_replace (C function)
lua_resume (C function)
lua_setallocf (C function)
lua_setfenv (C function)
lua_setfield (C function)
lua_setglobal (C function)
lua_sethook (C function)
lua_setlocal (C function)
lua_setmetatable (C function)
lua_settable (C function)
lua_settop (C function)
lua_setupvalue (C function)
lua_State (C type)
lua_status (C function)
lua_toboolean (C function)
lua_tocfunction (C function)
lua_tointeger (C function)
lua_tolstring (C function)
lua_tonumber (C function)
lua_topointer (C function)
lua_tostring (C function)
lua_tothread (C function)
lua_touserdata (C function)
lua_type (C function)
lua_typename (C function)
lua_Writer (C type)
lua_xmove (C function)
lua_yield (C function)
LuaEdit text editor
luaL_addchar (C function)
luaL_addlstring (C function)
luaL_addsize (C function)
luaL_addstring (C function)
luaL_addvalue (C function)
luaL_argcheck (C function)
luaL_argerror (C function)
luaL_Buffer (C function)
luaL_buffinit (C function)
luaL_callmeta (C function)
luaL_checkany (C function)
luaL_checkint (C function)
luaL_checkinteger (C function)
luaL_checklong (C function)
luaL_checklstring (C function)
luaL_checknumber (C function)
luaL_checkoption (C function)
luaL_checkstack (C function)
luaL_checkstring (C function)
luaL_checktype (C function)
luaL_checkudata (C function)
luaL_dofile (C function)
luaL_dostring (C function)
luaL_error (C function)
luaL_getmetafield (C function)
luaL_getmetatable (C function)
luaL_gsub (C function)
luaL_loadbuffer (C function)
luaL_loadfile (C function)
luaL_loadstring (C function)
luaL_newmetatable (C function)
luaL_newstate (C function)
luaL_openlibs (C function)
luaL_optint (C function)
luaL_optinteger (C function)
luaL_optlong (C function)
luaL_optlstring (C function)
luaL_optnumber (C function)
luaL_optstring (C function)
luaL_prepbuffer (C function)
luaL_pushresult (C function)
luaL_ref (C function)
luaL_Reg (C type)
luaL_register (C function)
luaL_typename (C function)
luaL_typerror (C function)
luaL_unref (C function)
luaL_where (C function)


Mac OS, [1]
magnetic field
Biot-Savart Law
solenoid, [1]
wire currents
magnetic potential
magnetic sector
magnetic shielding
magnetic vector potential
MAGNETIC_CONSTANT_N_A in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
make_cell_scalar() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
make_efield_adjust() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
make_halton() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
make_histogram() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
make_mfield_adjust() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
mark() in simion (Lua function)
mass spectrometry
space science
mass spectrum
match() in string (Lua function)
special functions
math (Lua module)
.abs() (Lua function)
.acos() (Lua function)
.asin() (Lua function)
.atan() (Lua function)
.atan2() (Lua function)
.ceil() (Lua function)
.cos() (Lua function)
.cosh() (Lua function)
.deg() (Lua function)
.exp() (Lua function)
.floor() (Lua function)
.fmod() (Lua function)
.frexp() (Lua function)
.ldexp() (Lua function)
.log() (Lua function)
.max() (Lua function)
.min() (Lua function)
.modf() (Lua function)
.pow() (Lua function)
.rad() (Lua function)
.random() (Lua function)
.randomseed() (Lua function)
.sin() (Lua function)
.sinh() (Lua function)
.sqrt() (Lua function)
.tan() (Lua function)
.tanh() (Lua function)
math library
mathieu equation
mathieu stability diagram
max eletrodes in PA
max() in math (Lua function)
maxn() in table (Lua function)
Maxwell equations
maxwell-boltzmann distribution
mechanical tolerance
memory dump (Lua)
memory usage
memory_dump() in simion.debug (Lua function)
merging segments
mfield_adjust in fa (Lua variable)
min() in math (Lua function)
mirror_x in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
mirror_y in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
mirror_z in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
mobility equation
modf() in math (Lua function)
Modify Set
module() in package (Lua function)
module() in simionx.Support (Lua function)
Monte Carlo integration
monte carlo method
montecarlo_integrate() in simionx.Integration (Lua function)
movie files
mu metals, [1]
multicore, [1]
multiple PAs


named pipes
native Linux binary
ncalls() in simionx.SimplexOptimizer opt (Lua method)
negative_integer in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
negative_number in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
Neumann boundary conditions
new features
next() in _G (Lua function)
ng in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
nil in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
non-vacuum, [1]
nonnegative_integer in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
nonnegative_number in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
nonpositive_integer in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
nonpositive_number in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
nonzero_number_vector in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
nop() in simion (Lua function)
Notepad++ text editor
number in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
number_array in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
number_vector in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
nx in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
ny in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
nz in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
nz use
nz_use in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)


open() in io (Lua function)
open() in simion.pas (Lua method)
or_type() in simionx.Type T (Lua method)
os (Lua module)
.clock() (Lua function)
.date() (Lua function)
.difftime() (Lua function)
.execute() (Lua function)
.exit() (Lua function)
.getenv() (Lua function)
.remove() (Lua function)
.rename() (Lua function)
.setlocale() (Lua function)
.time() (Lua function)
.tmpname() (Lua function)
OS compatibility
OS library
output() in io (Lua function)
ox in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
oy in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
oz in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)


2D planar symmetry
anisotropic scaling
fast scaling electrodes
fast_adjust / disable on IOB load
fast_adjust / init_p_values difference
fast_adjust multiple arrays
grid scaling, [1]
max electrodes
multiple PAs
rectangular grid cells, rectangular grid cells in PAs
surface enhancement
PA export
PA import
pa in simion.pas (Lua operator)
pa in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
PA library
Lua; simion.pas
PA+ files
PA0 file
PA0 file format
pa_coords_to_array_coords() in simion (Lua function)
pa_coords_to_wb_coords() in simion (Lua function)
pa_orient_to_wb_orient() in simion (Lua function)
pa_to_array_coords() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
pa_to_wb_coords() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
pa_to_wb_orient() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
pack binary numbers
package (Lua module)
. module() (Lua function)
. require() (Lua function)
.cpath (Lua attribute)
.loaded (Lua attribute)
.loaders (Lua attribute)
.loadlib() (Lua function)
.path (Lua attribute)
.preload (Lua attribute)
.seeall (Lua attribute)
package/module library, module library (Lua)
pairs() in _G (Lua function)
Parallel Desktop Mac
parallel plate analyzer
paraxial approximation
particle API, [1]
particle gun
particle initial conditions
particle optics links
particle trajectory calculations
FLY2 file
ION file
cone distribution
initial conditions
reversed time fly
trajectory calculations
path in package (Lua attribute)
path in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
path in simion.wb (Lua attribute)
Paul trap
pcall() in _G (Lua function)
Penning trap
graphics card
PA library
SL Libraries
phase space
physical constants
PLANCK_EV_S in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
PLANCK_J_S in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
plot_line_segment() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
plotting fields
point() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
points() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
Poisson equation, [1]
Poisson solver
magnetic vector potential
Poisson Superfish
polar3d_to_rect3d() in simion (Lua function)
polar_to_rect() in simion (Lua function)
popen() in io (Lua function)
positive_integer in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
positive_number in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
potential array
potential() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
potential() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
potential_add() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
potential_type in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
potential_vc() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
potential_wc() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
potentials_minmax() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
potentials_scale() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
pow() in math (Lua function)
preload in package (Lua attribute)
print() in _G (Lua function)
print() in simion (Lua function), [1]
print_screen() in simion (Lua function)
printer in simion (Lua attribute)
programming API
programming languages
PROTON_CHARGE_C in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
PROTON_MASS_KG in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
PROTON_MASS_U in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
PA library
SL Libraries


quadrupole deflector
Quadrupole ion trap
quick start notes


rad() in math (Lua function)
radius() in simionx.SimplexOptimizer opt (Lua method)
RAM usage
rand() in simion (Lua function)
random direction (API)
random number generator error in 7.0
random point on a sphere (API)
random() in math (Lua function)
randomseed() in math (Lua function)
rawequal() in _G (Lua function)
rawget() in _G (Lua function)
rawset() in _G (Lua function)
read() in io (Lua function)
read() in io file (Lua method)
read() in simionx.FieldArray fa (Lua method)
rect3d_to_polar3d() in simion (Lua function)
rect_to_polar() in simion (Lua function)
redraw_screen() in simion (Lua function)
reference manual
refinable in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
refine, [1], [2]
current density
magnetic vector potential
refine() in fa (Lua method)
refine() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
refined in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
refraction index
relativistic effects
remove() in os (Lua function)
remove() in table (Lua function)
remove_particles() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
rename() in os (Lua function)
rep() in string (Lua function)
repulsion, [1]
require() in package (Lua function)
resample() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
resistive electrodes
resistor chains
resolving power
result() in simionx.SimplexOptimizer opt (Lua method)
resume() in coroutine (Lua function)
reverse() in string (Lua function)
RF fields
rt in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
run time
run() in simionx.SimplexOptimizer opt (Lua method)
run_stop() in simion (Lua function)
running code
running() in coroutine (Lua function)
running() in simionx.SimplexOptimizer opt (Lua method)
running_segment() in simion.experimental (Lua function)


saddle point
same line
data recording
save() in fa (Lua method)
save() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
save() in simion.wb (Lua method)
save_stl() in simion.wb (Lua method)
saved in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
scalar magnetic potential
scale in simion.printer (Lua attribute)
scale in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
scientific_notation() in simionx.Format (Lua function)
SciTE text editor
secondary emission
secondary particles
seeall in package (Lua attribute)
seed() in simion (Lua function)
seek() in io file (Lua method)
segment.flym() (Lua function)
segment.initialize_run() (Lua function)
segment.instance_adjust() (Lua function)
segment.load() (Lua function)
segment.terminate_run() (Lua function)
segments not executed
select() in _G (Lua function)
selected_instance_number in simion.wb (Lua attribute)
setfenv() in _G (Lua function)
setfenv() in debug (Lua function)
sethook() in debug (Lua function)
seti() in simionx.FieldArray fa (Lua method)
setlocal() in debug (Lua function)
setlocale() in os (Lua function)
setmetatable() in _G (Lua function)
setmetatable() in debug (Lua function)
setupvalue() in debug (Lua function)
setvbuf() in io file (Lua method)
shielding (electromagnetic)
sim_grouped (Lua variable)
sim_ions_count (Lua variable), [1]
sim_relativity (Lua variable)
sim_repulsion (Lua variable)
sim_repulsion_amount (Lua variable)
sim_rerun_flym (Lua variable)
sim_retain_changed_potentials (Lua variable)
sim_segment_global (Lua variable)
sim_trajectory_image_control (Lua variable)
sim_trajectory_quality (Lua variable), [1]
sim_update_pe_surface (Lua variable)
simion (Lua module)
.VERSION (Lua attribute)
.azimuth_rotate() (Lua function)
.beep() (Lua function)
.click() (Lua function)
.command() (Lua function)
.early_access() (Lua function)
.elevation_rotate() (Lua function)
.fly2 (Lua attribute)
.import() (Lua function)
.ke_to_speed() (Lua function)
.key() (Lua function)
.loadx() (Lua function)
.mark() (Lua function)
.nop() (Lua function)
.pa_coords_to_array_coords() (Lua function)
.pa_coords_to_wb_coords() (Lua function)
.pa_orient_to_wb_orient() (Lua function)
.polar3d_to_rect3d() (Lua function)
.polar_to_rect() (Lua function)
.print() (Lua function), [1]
.rand() (Lua function)
.rect3d_to_polar3d() (Lua function)
.rect_to_polar() (Lua function)
.redraw_screen() (Lua function)
.run_stop() (Lua function)
.seed() (Lua function)
.sleep() (Lua function)
.speed_to_ke() (Lua function)
.status() (Lua function)
.wb_coords_to_pa_coords() (Lua function)
.wb_orient_to_pa_orient() (Lua function)
.window (Lua attribute)
.workbench_program() (Lua function)
simion Lua table
SIMION user manual
simion.debug.memory_dump() (Lua function)
simion.experimental (Lua module)
.add_particles() (Lua function)
.binary_pack() (Lua function)
.binary_unpack() (Lua function)
.contour_color_instance() (Lua function)
.display (Lua variable)
.gemrefine() (Lua function)
.plot_line_segment() (Lua function)
.remove_particles() (Lua function)
.running_segment() (Lua function)
simion.experimental.bfield_of_scalar() (Lua function)
simion.experimental.dialog() (Lua function)
simion.experimental.field_array() (Lua class)
simion.experimental.make_cell_scalar() (Lua function)
simion.experimental.make_efield_adjust() (Lua function)
simion.experimental.make_mfield_adjust() (Lua function)
simion.experimental.spotential_from_vfield() (Lua function)
simion.pas (Lua module)
#simion.pas (Lua operator)
:close() (Lua method)
:open() (Lua method)
[n] (Lua operator)
pa (Lua operator)
pa.dx_mm (Lua attribute)
pa.dy_mm (Lua attribute)
pa.dz_mm (Lua attribute)
pa.electrode_numbers (Lua attribute)
pa.filename (Lua attribute)
pa.mirror_x (Lua attribute)
pa.mirror_y (Lua attribute)
pa.mirror_z (Lua attribute) (Lua attribute)
pa.nx (Lua attribute)
pa.ny (Lua attribute) (Lua attribute)
pa.path (Lua attribute)
pa.potential_type (Lua attribute)
pa.refinable (Lua attribute)
pa.refined (Lua attribute)
pa.saved (Lua attribute)
pa.symmetry (Lua attribute)
pa.symmetry_type (Lua attribute)
pa:binary_import() (Lua method)
pa:clear() (Lua method)
pa:close() (Lua method)
pa:copy() (Lua method)
pa:crop() (Lua method)
pa:electrode() (Lua method)
pa:fast_adjust() (Lua method)
pa:field_vc() (Lua method)
pa:fill() (Lua method)
pa:flood_fill() (Lua method)
pa:inside() (Lua method)
pa:inside_vc() (Lua method)
pa:load() (Lua method)
pa:point() (Lua method)
pa:points() (Lua method)
pa:potential() (Lua method)
pa:potential_add() (Lua method)
pa:potential_vc() (Lua method)
pa:potentials_minmax() (Lua method)
pa:potentials_scale() (Lua method)
pa:refine() (Lua method)
pa:resample() (Lua method)
pa:save() (Lua method)
pa:size() (Lua method)
pa:surface_info() (Lua method)
tostring(pa) (Lua operator)
simion.print_screen() (Lua function)
simion.printer (Lua attribute)
simion.printer.filename (Lua attribute)
simion.printer.scale (Lua attribute)
simion.printer.type (Lua attribute)
simion.wb (Lua module)
.bounds (Lua attribute)
.filename (Lua attribute)
.instances (Lua attribute)
.path (Lua attribute)
.selected_instance_number (Lua attribute)
:bfield() (Lua method)
:bpotential() (Lua method)
:efield() (Lua method)
:epotential() (Lua method)
:find_at() (Lua method)
:load() (Lua method)
:save() (Lua method)
:save_stl() (Lua method) (Lua attribute)
instance.el (Lua attribute)
instance.filename (Lua attribute)
instance.nz_use (Lua attribute)
instance.ox (Lua attribute)
instance.oy (Lua attribute)
instance.oz (Lua attribute) (Lua attribute)
instance.rt (Lua attribute)
instance.scale (Lua attribute)
instance.x (Lua attribute)
instance.y (Lua attribute)
instance.z (Lua attribute)
instance:field() (Lua method)
instance:field_wc() (Lua method)
instance:inside_wc() (Lua method)
instance:pa_to_array_coords() (Lua method)
instance:pa_to_wb_coords() (Lua method)
instance:pa_to_wb_orient() (Lua method)
instance:potential() (Lua method)
instance:potential_wc() (Lua method)
instance:wb_to_pa_coords() (Lua method)
instance:wb_to_pa_orient() (Lua method)
simion.wb (Lua attribute)
simionx.CachedField (Lua module)
CachedField() (Lua constructor)
simionx.Constants (Lua module)
. AVOGADRO_MOL (Lua attribute)
. BOLTZMANN_EV_K (Lua attribute)
. BOLTZMANN_J_K (Lua attribute)
. ELECTRIC_CONSTANT_F_M (Lua attribute)
. ELECTRON_CHARGE_C (Lua attribute)
. ELECTRON_MASS_KG (Lua attribute)
. ELECTRON_MASS_U (Lua attribute)
. ELECTRON_VOLT_J (Lua attribute)
. ELEMENTARY_CHARGE_C (Lua attribute)
. MAGNETIC_CONSTANT_N_A (Lua attribute)
. PLANCK_EV_S (Lua attribute)
. PLANCK_J_S (Lua attribute)
. PROTON_CHARGE_C (Lua attribute)
. PROTON_MASS_KG (Lua attribute)
. PROTON_MASS_U (Lua attribute)
. SPEED_OF_LIGHT_M_S (Lua attribute)
. STANDARD_ATM (Lua attribute)
. STANDARD_GRAVITY_M_S (Lua attribute)
. UNIFIED_MASS_KG (Lua attribute)
simionx.FieldAnalysis (Lua module)
. charge_from_field_energy() (Lua function)
. charge_from_field_energy_display() (Lua function)
. charge_from_gauss_law() (Lua function)
. charge_from_gauss_law_display() (Lua function)
. field_energy() (Lua function)
. field_energy_display() (Lua function)
simionx.FieldArray (Lua module)
FieldArray() (Lua constructor)
fa:convert_to_pas() (Lua method)
fa:get() (Lua method)
fa:geti() (Lua method)
fa:read() (Lua method)
fa:seti() (Lua method)
fa:write() (Lua method)
simionx.Format (Lua module)
. scientific_notation() (Lua function)
simionx.Integration (Lua module)
. box() (Lua function)
. box_filled() (Lua function)
. circle2d() (Lua function)
. circle2d_filled() (Lua function)
. line() (Lua function)
. montecarlo_integrate() (Lua function)
. sphere() (Lua function)
. sphere_filled() (Lua function)
simionx.MField (Lua module)
. can_draw (Lua attribute)
. combined_field() (Lua function)
. hoop() (Lua function)
. line_segment() (Lua function)
. solenoid_coils() (Lua function)
. solenoid_hoops() (Lua function)
. uniform_field() (Lua function)
. vector() (Lua function)
mfield:draw() (Lua method)
simionx.SimplexOptimizer (Lua module)
SimplexOptimizer() (Lua constructor)
opt:ncalls() (Lua method)
opt:radius() (Lua method)
opt:result() (Lua method)
opt:run() (Lua method)
opt:running() (Lua method)
opt:values() (Lua method)
simionx.SpecialFunctions (Lua module)
. bessel_i0() (Lua function)
. bessel_i1() (Lua function)
. bessel_j0() (Lua function)
. bessel_j0_zero() (Lua function)
. bessel_j1() (Lua function)
. bessel_jn() (Lua function)
. bessel_k0() (Lua function)
. bessel_k1() (Lua function)
. bessel_y0() (Lua function)
. bessel_y1() (Lua function)
. bessel_yn() (Lua function)
. elliptic_e() (Lua function)
. elliptic_k() (Lua function)
. elliptic_ke() (Lua function)
. elliptic_rc() (Lua function)
. elliptic_rd() (Lua function)
. elliptic_rf() (Lua function)
. elliptic_rf0() (Lua function)
. elliptic_rg0() (Lua function)
. elliptic_rj() (Lua function)
. erf() (Lua function)
simionx.Statistics (Lua module)
. angle_rand() (Lua function)
. array_max() (Lua function)
. array_mean() (Lua function)
. array_mean_and_variance() (Lua function)
. array_min() (Lua function)
. array_stdev() (Lua function)
. array_variance() (Lua function)
. gaussian_rand() (Lua function)
. make_halton() (Lua function)
. make_histogram() (Lua function)
. sphere_rand() (Lua function)
simionx.Support (Lua module)
. module() (Lua function)
. subst() (Lua function)
simionx.Type (Lua module)
. array (Lua attribute)
. boolean (Lua attribute)
. callable (Lua attribute)
. function (Lua attribute)
. integer (Lua attribute)
. is_array() (Lua function)
. is_boolean() (Lua function)
. is_callable() (Lua function)
. is_function() (Lua function)
. is_integer() (Lua function)
. is_negative_integer() (Lua function)
. is_negative_number() (Lua function)
. is_nil() (Lua function)
. is_nonnegative_integer() (Lua function)
. is_nonnegative_number() (Lua function)
. is_nonpositive_integer() (Lua function)
. is_nonpositive_number() (Lua function)
. is_nonzero_number_vector() (Lua function)
. is_number() (Lua function)
. is_number_array() (Lua function)
. is_number_vector() (Lua function)
. is_param_table() (Lua function)
. is_positive_integer() (Lua function)
. is_positive_number() (Lua function)
. is_simple_table() (Lua function)
. is_string() (Lua function)
. is_table() (Lua function)
. is_thread() (Lua function)
. is_userdata() (Lua function)
. is_vector() (Lua function)
. negative_integer (Lua attribute)
. negative_number (Lua attribute)
. nil (Lua attribute)
. nonnegative_integer (Lua attribute)
. nonnegative_number (Lua attribute)
. nonpositive_integer (Lua attribute)
. nonpositive_number (Lua attribute)
. nonzero_number_vector (Lua attribute)
. number (Lua attribute)
. number_array (Lua attribute)
. number_vector (Lua attribute)
. positive_integer (Lua attribute)
. positive_number (Lua attribute)
. simple_table (Lua attribute)
. string (Lua attribute)
. table (Lua attribute)
. thread (Lua attribute)
. userdata (Lua attribute)
. vector (Lua attribute)
T.typefunc (Lua attribute)
T.typename (Lua attribute)
T:check() (Lua method)
T:is() (Lua method)
T:or_type() (Lua method)
Type() (Lua constructor)
simple_table in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
simplex optimization
simplex optimizer
SimplexOptimizer() in simionx.SimplexOptimizer (Lua constructor)
sin() in math (Lua function)
sinh() in math (Lua function)
size() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
SL Libraries, [1], [2]
SL Toolkit
SL Tools, [1]
sleep (Lua)
sleep() in simion (Lua function)
sltools tutorial
snell's law
magnetic field, [1]
solenoid_coils() in simionx.MField (Lua function)
solenoid_hoops() in simionx.MField (Lua function)
solid strategy
sort() in table (Lua function)
space science
space-charge, [1], [2]
charge repulsion
special math functions
SPEED_OF_LIGHT_M_S in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
speed_to_ke() in simion (Lua function)
sphere() in simionx.Integration (Lua function)
sphere_filled() in simionx.Integration (Lua function)
sphere_rand() in simionx.Statistics (Lua function)
spherical capacitor
spotential_from_vfield() in simion.experimental (Lua function)
sqrt() in math (Lua function)
STANDARD_ATM in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
STANDARD_GRAVITY_M_S in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
status() in coroutine (Lua function)
status() in simion (Lua function)
stderr in io (Lua attribute)
stdin in io (Lua attribute)
stdout in io (Lua attribute)
STL import
electrode voltages
string (Lua module)
.byte() (Lua function)
.char() (Lua function)
.dump() (Lua function)
.find() (Lua function)
.format() (Lua function)
.gmatch() (Lua function)
.gsub() (Lua function)
.len() (Lua function)
.lower() (Lua function)
.match() (Lua function)
.rep() (Lua function)
.reverse() (Lua function)
.sub() (Lua function)
.upper() (Lua function)
string formatting
string in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
string library (Lua)
sub() in string (Lua function)
subst() in simionx.Support (Lua function)
supplemental documentation
surface enhancement
surface_info() in simion.pas pa (Lua method)
symmetry in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
symmetry_type in simion.pas pa (Lua attribute)
system requirements


table (Lua module)
.concat() (Lua function)
.insert() (Lua function)
.maxn() (Lua function)
.remove() (Lua function)
.sort() (Lua function)
table in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
table library
tan() in math (Lua function)
tanh() in math (Lua function)
terminate_run() in segment (Lua function)
test plane
text editor
thermionic cathode
thread in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
time() in os (Lua function)
time-dependent fields
tmpfile() in io (Lua function)
tmpname() in os (Lua function)
tonumber() in _G (Lua function)
tostring() in _G (Lua function)
tostring(pa) in simion.pas (Lua operator)
trace space
traceback() in debug (Lua function)
trajectory quality factor
transfer matrix
turning quadrupole
type in simion.printer (Lua attribute)
type system
type() in _G (Lua function)
type() in io (Lua function)
Type() in simionx.Type (Lua constructor)
typefunc in simionx.Type T (Lua attribute)
typename in simionx.Type T (Lua attribute)


UNIFIED_MASS_KG in simionx.Constants (Lua attribute)
uniform_field() in simionx.MField (Lua function)
uniqueness theorem (Laplace equation)
unpack() in _G (Lua function)
upper() in string (Lua function)
user manual
user program not called
user programming, [1]
user programming trajectories
userdata in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)


vacuum chamber
values() in simionx.SimplexOptimizer opt (Lua method)
vector in simionx.Type (Lua attribute)
vector() in simionx.MField (Lua function)
velocity map imaging
VERSION in simion (Lua attribute)
VIM text editor
Virtual Device, [1]
Virtual Device Hydrodynamics CFD
VMWare Fusion


wall-clock time
wb in simion.wb simion (Lua attribute)
wb_coords_to_pa_coords() in simion (Lua function)
wb_orient_to_pa_orient() in simion (Lua function)
wb_to_pa_coords() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
wb_to_pa_orient() in simion.wb instance (Lua method)
window in simion (Lua attribute)
Wine, [1]
wire currents
magnetic field
wire mesh
workbench IOB file
workbench program extensions in 8.1
workbench_program() in simion (Lua function)
wrap() in coroutine (Lua function)
write() in io (Lua function)
write() in io file (Lua method)
write() in simionx.FieldArray fa (Lua method)
writing PA0 files


x in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
XEmacs text editor
Xeon Phi
xpcall() in _G (Lua function)


y in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
yield() in coroutine (Lua function)


z in simion.wb instance (Lua attribute)
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